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PyroGuard Control Consoles

PyroGuard Control Consoles

 Three (3) models of PyroGuard Control Consoles are available.  The PyroGuard CXC console is ideal for installations requiring one (1) or two (2) areas of protection. These units allow for storage of spark count, extinguishment unit acitvations and manual tests performed.  In addition, each console is user programmable and can include a panel mount serial printer.  The PyroGuard CXL console has the ability for strorage of 10,240 events in memory (unlimited event storage with the addition of a software package and supplemental PC Unit).  It can record events to 1/100 of a second, is programmable for auto-testing of sensors and extiunguishment unit valves and allows for the generation of time specific reports for events and/or areas. This model of console is available in four (4), eight (8), and any multiple of twelve (12) up to ninety-six (96) zones.  The PyroGuard CX console is similar to that of the CXL, however the CX console includes an integral PC Unit.  With the addition of an optional Server Software Package both the CX and CXL consoles can be linked to several types of Windows HMI programs.

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